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Educationsagencies.com is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our experience in the field of education was our motivation to participate in helping high school graduates to study as university students in Bulgaria.

We have the experience and the know-how to make a difference, helping students from all over the world to achieve their goals and secure them a place in any Bulgarian University, as well as actively supporting them throughout their studies until their graduation. We offer services that support you in every step of your educational journey. We will help you find the most suitable field, in the most appropriate location, in a high quality institution that will help you make the best of your study experience in Bulgaria.

Educationsagencies.com has a very strong contact with educational institutions in Bulgaria. We work hard to ensure that the students who trust us will receive the best possible help in choosing their courses, enrolling and moving on in life and studies in Bulgaria.

Our service package includes the translation and validation of all supporting documents in the language of the country of study, the assignment of the High School Diploma to the Ministry of Education as well as the preparation and submission of the file to the University. We recommend and book the hotel for your stay on the dates of the examination. In addition, we make the statement for your participation in the exams, the payment of the fee while we take care of your escort to the University for the exams. We take care of your registration at the University and the reception of the necessary student documents (student booklet, certificate etc.). We provide you with a set of useful books in photocopies for the first academic year. We link you with a real estate agency to find housing while you are also provided with support regarding internet connection, telephone, opening a bank account, as well as residence permit in Bulgaria. For further information you can contact us. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent services that exceed their expectations. Education lays the foundation for a person’s career and life experiences. Similarly, it provides comprehensive bases for increased trade and cultural exchange between countries.

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