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Why choose

We understand that relocating to a new country can be stressful. This is why we offer a range of student support services, including advice on English language requirements. Bulgarian universities require you to meet English language requirements, as well as academic standards. English language requirements may vary between different curriculums and levels. Our office can give you important advice on the English language requirements you will need to meet and support you through the process of meeting these requirements.

Translations and legalization of documents

There is a specific application process to study in Bulgaria and we will provide you with complete advice and assistance throughout the process, e.g. translations and legalization of documents, information and advice before departure etc. Education agencies will support you even before you arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our goal is to ensure that you are academically, socially and financially prepared to study in Bulgaria. We offer pre-departure tips to assist you with your travel arrangements. Any questions you may have about living and studying in Bulgaria can be answered before you arrive. And we have a wealth of information tailored specifically for international students.

Help and support on arrival

From the moment you arrive in Sofia, we offer extensive support. We have personal experience in living abroad so that we know some of the challenges and questions you face firsthand.

Student Management Services

Our company understands that you may face some challenges during your stay in a new country. Therefore, we help you throughout your career.