Medical University of Sofia

Medical University of Sofia

Sofia Medical University (Sofia) holds a unique place in the Bulgarian education system. The high level of teaching, training and achievements in research, healthcare and public activities are integrated – with the aim of making IPS innovative and in service of the public interest. The University pursues regional leadership while it increases the quality of education nationally and internationally.

The IPS trains students to work in a competitive environment, where quality is the key to success. At the same time it cultivates orientation, responsibility, autonomy and the ability to solve problems and make decisions. The objectives of the IPS are:

  • To strengthen and develop its reputation as an internationally recognized research center.
  • To ensure excellent education in a place enriched with scientific and research work.
  • To increase the number of students from the country and abroad.
  • To ensure the graduation of excellent doctors in terms of training, who will meet the growing needs of the national and international employers in all areas of medicine.
  • To form high quality lecturers.
  • To optimize the use of resources to improve the work environment and the variety of services for students


  1. Medical School
  2. School of Dentistry
  3. School of Pharmacy
  4. School of Public Health
  5. Medical College – Sofia
  6. Affiliate Brush

Necessary Documents

  1. High School Diploma with grade at least 12 in Chemistry and Biology (Apostille Certificate)
  2.  Certificate from the Directorate of Secondary Education stating the right to continue your studies at Universities and Technical Institutes in Greece (Apostille Certificate)
  3. Medical certificate from a hospital or a private doctor, stating that is clinically healthy and does not suffer from contagious illnesses (Apostille Certificate)
  4. Copy of ID


Admission to Medical University of Sofia:


For countries within the EU

Deadline for sending documents: 20.07.2022 to 14.09.2022

Exam Date in English, Biology, Chemistry: 17.09.2022 / Saturday /

Announcement of results: 20.09.2022

Final ranking announcement: 21.09.2022


For non-EU countries

Deadline for sending documents: 20.06.2022 to 16.09.2022

Exam Date in English, Biology, Chemistry: 10.08.2022 / Saturday /

Announcement of results: 10.10.2022


Beginning of the academic year: 24.10.2022.

Deadline for sending documents for transfer from another University: 20.08.2022



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