Technical University of Sofia

Technical University of Sofia

Sofia Technical University is the first and largest university that has promoted the emergence of most of the highest technical colleges in the country with the highest accreditation of all higher schools in Bulgaria, and it sets educational standards and introduces national priorities for the development of education and science.

The University is a leader in Nanotechnology, Virtual Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Engineering Ecology and Engineering Design, applying best practices as a philosophy and as fundamental principles in Engineering.

This is the reason for our long term cooperation in education and research, with all the leading high tech companies.

Every year more than 70 Bulgarian and international companies and organizations participate in the Career Days. They seek in our University for postgraduate students who are professionals and experts in research and development and practice. This is why they offer a range of programs to encourage new talents, specialized courses, as well as scholarships and awards. Graduate students of the Technical University of Sofia receive good salaries and enjoy a successful career.

It is no coincidence that for over a decade, the directors of all the companies in our country have been looking for graduates of our University. Our University was the first to conduct language teaching schools in the general curricula and because of the excellent personnel, their experience and the modern infrastructure, it has established cooperation with our University and universities in Germany, the United Kingdom and France.


  1. Automatics
  2. Electrical Engineer
  3. IndustrialTechnology
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Electronic Engineering and Technologies
  6. Telecommunications Computer systems and technologies
  7. Transport Engineer
  8. Management
  9. Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  10. German Engineering Training and Industrial Management
  11. French for  Electrical – Engineering
  12. English Language and Engineering
  13. Electronics and Automation

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